New Sponsor: Green Trust Consultancy

We are very happy to announce our latest sponsor! GreenTrust Consultancy is a specialist in wind energy projects in The Netherlands and abroad. Their motto is Changing Energy. Green Trust is working on the transition from conventional to renewable energy. After presenting the work of Solar World Cinema at their yearly ‘GreenTrust and Friends’ day, where specialists in the green energy business gathered to talk about their work and were inspired by several ‘green’ projects, we were happy to hear that GreenTrust wanted to sponsor us. With their donation we have been able to support our partner project: Solar Cinema Nepal. The very dedicated projectleader Abhimanyu Humagain is running this small local solar powered cinema, reaching out to the most remote areas of Nepal. Sometimes moving all of his equipment by foot, tractor of donkey! His set up needs a boost and with the help of the sponsorship of Greentrust a investment in new equipment can be made! This enables Solar Cinema Nepal to keep up their fantastic work.