Solar World Cinema is an international network of solar powered mobile cinemas. The mission of Solar World Cinema is to democratize the access to cinema and to raise awareness and stress the importance of switching to renewable energies. All equipment of the mobile cinemas is  powered by 100% solar energy. After sunset open-air film screenings are organised in the public space. Our solar cinemas travel around the globe and are completely self sufficient. We go beyond the borders of the traditional cinematic world. We bring unseen films to unusual places.

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Maureen Prins - Founder & Executive Director
Filmmaker and CEO of the Dutch Solar Cinema. In 2000 she graduated from The Northern Media School - Sheffield Hallam University (MA in screen arts) as a director, editor and production designer. She pursued a career in making independent short films, documentaries and music videos. She also works as a curator, developing filmprogrammes. In 2006 she started the Solar Cinema in the Netherlands, following an English example. In 2009 she set up the foundation Solar World Cinema together with her partners to internationalize the project. 

Maartje Piersma - Executive Director
Graduated in 2005 in Media & Culture (UvA), specializing in documentary. She worked at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Latin American Film Festival (LAFF), Dutch Film Festival (NFF), Cinekid, Cinemien, Cinema Delicatessen and as Head of Communication for Theatre Festival Parade. 

Stien Meesters - Executive Director
Producer in the cultural sector for the last 10 years. She graduated in 2005 from Film & Television Studies and has specialized herself in Film projects and events, nationally and internationally, in both organizing and artistic positions. She has worked in the organization of Film Festivals as IFFR, IDFA, CINEKID, BAFICI and for the past years she was Head of Programming for the Latin American Film Festival Utrecht.