Donate iPads for Indonesia

The end of July we will, in collaboration with our local team, launch Solar Cinema Indonesia. Our mobile cinema on solar energy. We would love to start right away with our sustainable film workshops, however we need iPads in order to complete our stop-motion studios. Our education program makes use of specially designed studios with a build-in Ipad. We could really use some second hand iPads to start the workshops. 

In the workshops, short stop-motion films are made that afterwards are presented on the screen. We believe that workshops combined with the film screenings have an even bigger impact on communities. Children or youngsters participating in the workshops invite their families and friends to the film screenings and spread their freshly acquired knowledge.

We love to:

•   Stimulate cinematographic talent
•   Create regional content and audiences for independent cinema
•   Bridge international borders through culture and connect audiences   through content
•   Educate about sustainable energy
•   Inspire people to think about their environment

With your help we can accomplish these goals. If you have a second hand iPad you would like to donate, please email us. Thank you so much in advance!