The Solar World Cinema network is a worldwide network of solar powered mobile cinemas, that reach out to electricity and culturally deprived areas, bringing unseen films to unusual places. Since 2010 we have helped set up 10 new solar powered cinemas worldwide and accomplish successful cinema outreach programmes. 

We set up new solar powered cinemas from scratch in collaboration with local co-production partners. We also help already existing mobile cinemas to switch to solar energy and enter our network, sharing content and our vision.We exchange knowledge, film programs and educational workshops with our fellow solar powered mobile cinemas and organise international exchange projects.

We like to introduce our partners in the network:

Brasil: Cine Solar
Chile: Plataforma Solar
Jamaica: Solar Cinema Jamaica (in development)
USA: Arizona Loft Solar Cinema
Croatia: Solar Cinema Adria
Belgium: Mooov Solar Cinema (in development)
Kosovo: Solar Cinema Dokufest
Western Sahara: Solar Cinema Western Sahara
Gambia: SofaCinema
Nepal: Solar Cinema Nepal
Indonesia: Solar Cinema Indonesia (in development)
Australia: Solar Cinema Northern Territory

Please contact us with answers to the questions below if you are interested in going 'solar' and becoming a member of our international network.

  • What is your motivation to run a (solar powered) mobile cinema? 

  • What kind of organisation are you? (foundation or private business?)

  • Describe the current work of your organisation.

  • Describe the past work and results of your organisation.

  • Are you in the possession of a vehicle, car or van?

  • Are you able to invest in setting up a solar cinema, costs of hardware, vehicle and personnel?

  • What is your idea about funding? Did you contact possible funds or sponsors? 

  • What is your target audience? 

  • What are your ideas about content? 

  • How many screenings would you like to do per year?

  • Do you have partners or/and a team, or do you work individually?

  • Do you know of other mobile cinema projects in your region?

Thank you for answering our questions and we hope to add you as a new member of our Solar World Cinema network!