During Valletta 2018, European Cultural Capital, as part of the Cultural programme, the Solar Cinema will visit the islands of Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean with a selection of films which will be screened under the stars in several locations like village squares and beaches. We will be touring the islands from May to October 2018 with weekly or bi-weekly screenings.

We a programme of 9 short film programmes containing more than 80 hand-picked films from more than 25 countries. All the films are suitable for a broad audience and are either English spoken, subtitled or without dialogue. There is also a special family friendly short film programme as well as feature length documentaries and animated films including: Two Trumpets for St. Andrew (1968), Boy and The World (2014), The Red Turtle (2016), Sonic Sea (2016) and Dolphin Man (2016).

Programme changes might occur throughout the summer so please check our facebook page for all updated INFO at (facebook.com/solarcinema.org) and don’t forget to LIKE us and share with all your friends.

All our short film programmes tie in with the narratives of Valletta2018:

Go Greener Shorts #1:
A short film programme with quirky and inspirational environmental films.
Exploring our relationship with nature and the inventive ways of dealing with our changing surroundings and climate. Look what happens when the wind stops blowing or learn how the arctic can become our future holiday resort.

Go Greener Shorts #2:
A short film programme about creative environmental ideas.
Recycle, Recover and Reuse! Be inventive, stop wasting and start creating!
We have the films to inspire you.

A short film programme about travelling to unknown places.
Always on the road, travelling, passing by, migrating and fleeing. Enroute, whether you like it or not. We are always on our way somewhere.

Sense of Belonging (Recommended for a mature audience) 
A short film programme about unsettling pursuits.
What if you have lost your sense of belonging? Have you ever felt unwanted? There are many causes to feel unsettled and lost. Aren’t we all searching for a sense of belonging?

About the Sea
A short film programme featuring stories of the sea.
Experience all the different shapes of the sea, with it’s challenging waves and mesmerising colours. These are the stories of the sea and the lives of the people it touches.

Into the Deep End
A short film programme about taking a plunge.
Jump into these films, but be aware of unexpected visitors and some diving giraffes!
Screening dates:

A short film programme about strange rendezvous.
Our lives are full of encounters and sometimes we meet in remarkable situations and places. 

A short film programme about memories and the mind.
Fresh or old, memories create new stories in our minds.  

Family Friendly short films
A fine selection of short films for young and old to enjoy together!

Photos: Fran Stivala & Solar Cinema