A Solar Cinema is a solar powered mobile cinema, after sunset open-air film screenings are organized in the public space. The solar cinemas travel everywhere and are completely self sufficient. On a square, park or beach the solar cinema unfolds easily into an outdoor cinema. All the projection equipment is powered by 100% solar energy.

The photovoltaic system captures sunlight during the day and this is transformed into projection light at night. The solar system produces enough energy for 10 hours of film screening. No additional energy source is needed. This makes us highly mobile and completely independent. 

High-quality screening and sound equipment is used, as the cinematic experience is an important characteristic of our work. We work with equipment that has the advantage of being highly mobile, easy to set up and has the capacity to serve for massive exhibitions in the open-air.

A variaty of screens can be used, both structural as inflatable. The projectors are 5500 ansilumens or more (hd). We project from digital files, bluray or dvd and use a minimum of 400watt speaker soundsystem.